FBONK - Whitepaper

Made by the people, for the people

Core Pumpamentals

For far too long Fantom's ecosystem has been plagued with a lack of volume. This coupled with a constant shift in narratives has further aggravated the situation. Concurrently, NFT artists have strived to foster Fantom's esteemed ecosystem and remain the backbone of the ecosphere as we have come to all know and love. New DeFi builders emerging within the ecosystem have managed to bring volume back to the markets - albeit still lacking. FBONK sought to address this by rewarding those that have given Fantom the spotlight that it truly deserves. A token made by the people - for the people

FBONK strives to position itself at the epicenter of the Fantom NFT & DeFi ecosystem by rewarding NFT artists, new FTM builders and developers with as much as a 35% airdrop being reserved for them. Fairness and adhereing to community needs has made Fantom a community-centric chain. Following suit, FBONK has NO Pre Sales and NO VCs; instead, the token shall be distributed among those that have made sufficient contributions to this great network.

By airdropping to NFT Degens and 1/1 Unique JPEG holders, we're rewarding those that have stuck around during times of adversity and continue to call this great network their home. The airdrop also consists of rewarding NEW and NATIVE FTM Builders (DeFi in particular) as others move towards Cross-Chain and hesitate to deploy on this immensely scalable network. Lastly, the airdrop also entails rewarding the great Fantom Foundation and aspiring devs. Let's align our priorities around enshiring a new wave of fun and degeness - we're attempting to pursue the inconceivable task of making Fantom great again!

The remaining 65% token allocations aim to align incentives to fostering liquidity, the creation of a FBONK Dao - governed by fbonk holders - and expanding awareness around the project. All endevaours and allocations proposed by the FBONK Dao must pass a snapshot.org vote with more than 50% votes as 'Yay.' Finally, propelling the FBONK vision forward is a team work and involves stakeholders doing their respective parts in adhering to a long term success.

FBONK'S Origins

Fantom's peak can be associated during the era of Solidly (early 2022) wherein the chain amassed greater than $1 Billion in TVL - some of the highest in DeFi. However, the chain's prominence proceeded to deteriorate after Andre Cronje's (the godfather of DeFi) infamous exit. With that, volumes and TVL across the chain shrunk. Nevertheless, the chain's fundamentals continue to remain stronger than ever and is widely deemed as one of the most scalable L1s across the ecosphere offering unparalleled tech with the ability to process transactions for at little to no cost.

A year later and with the return of Andre, we thought to introduce FBONK - an ambitious meme coin with the aim of rewarding new ecosystem builders and some of the most popular NFT projects. FBONK's utility is what the people make of it. We seek to integrate with and support dApps. Unlike tokens sold at ridiculously inflated valuations, FBONK will be distributed for free among those that best serve the network. The starting marketcap is set at a mere $20,000 and hence offering greater prospective returns to holders. In addition to rewarding the existing Fantom community, FBONK seeks to welcome users across every EVM and non-EVM chain. In doing so, it aspires to become the token of choice for retail users and become the meme coin that welcomes new users aboard the Fantom chain. By airdropping FBONK to NFT projects, we hope that they regain prominence in terms of users, floor price, and volume.

FBONK shall benefit from lessons learned from proceeding meme coins, focusing on their strengths and learning from their errors. It seeks to place emphasis on a strong liquidity by having 30% of the total token supply as liquidity. Moreover, we've made provisions for liquidity incentives and have primed the contract to automatically add liquidity once certain parameters are triggered. FBONK has pre-set parameters at 6% of reflections with 4% accruing to holders and the latter used to increase liquidity. Users are requested to have a minimum of 10% slippage before transacting the token. Make Fantom Great Again is our ethos. 2023 is the year of the Fantom Opera network; let's make Fantom fun again - FBONK is prepared to take lead in its ambitious goal and invites others to collaborate with it.


- 20 Generative NFT collections, each get 1% - 20%
Allocated to 20 NFT collections (1% each). These tokens shall be airdropped according to a 48hrs cliff after launch followed by a linear vesting across 4 days. The eligible NFT list can be found in this whitepaper

- Artists (goes to 12 1/1 artists and their community) - 6%
6% of FBONK has been allocated towards the artists/collectors of 1/1 Art. These tokens shall be airdropped according to a 48 cliff after launch followed by a linear vesting across 4 days. The eligible NFT list is to be announced

- DeFi protocols (equal & mummy) - 5% (2.5% each)
Airdropped to veEQUAL and MMY holders. These tokens shall be airdropped according to a 48 cliff after launch followed by a linear vesting across 4 days.

- Team (lineary unvested for 1 month): 5%
Reserved for the early contributors of FBONK. These tokens shall be linearly unvested for 1 month.

- Liquidity: 30%
Used to provide liquidity on SpookySwap - Fantom's premier DEX.

- Marketing: 5%
5% of the total supply shall be used to spread awareness around FBONK, used in giveaways and to collaborate with other project teams.

- FBonk DAO (to be in a multisig with doxxed volunteers): 15%
Allocated to the FBONK DAO for the community to vote for future initiatives.

- Liquidity Incentives: 10%
10% of the total supply shall be used as liquidity incentives (A.K.A bribes) on popular DEXes.

- FTM Devs: 2%
2% of the total supply shall be airdropped to aspiring FTM devs that have made proven contributions to the Fantom ecosystem - a google form will be circulated to identify those eligible.

- Airdrop to fantom fdn: 2%
2% airdropped as Fantom Foundation as part of our goodwill

Generative NFT Collections Airdropped

The 20 NFT collections that are eligible for the airdrop can be found below (each shall be airdropped 1%):
  • - Beardies
  • - Mummy Club
  • - Magicats
  • - Ancestral Umans
  • - Tombhead genesis
  • - The Gotham Apes
  • - BBChickens
  • - The Precious
  • - Astro Kid
  • - Portalheads
  • - Early Ludwigs
  • - Creatures of the Cave
  • - Bit Deamons
  • - Bitzombies
  • - Moonmasters
  • - Magical Goools
  • - Fantom Underworld
  • - TOA Club
  • - OfficialNFTees communiTee collection

1/1 NFT Collections Airdropped

To be shared among the community with preference given to REGULAR tombheads' artists. Artists fulfilling this criteria are requested to send us a DM on Twitter @FantomBonk
Note: The above is subjected to a vesting term of a 48 hours cliff and 4 days linear vested (equates to 25% daily)


  1. 1. Fantom Bonk (ticker: $FBONK) is a Fantom NFT & DeFi Project
  2. 2. There are 6% transaction fees: 4% reflections, 2% liquidity
  3. 3. Starting marketcap of $20,000 with $6,000 liquidity
  4. 4. Buy on SpookySwap. $FBONK contract address is [comming soon...]
  5. 5. Giving the Fantom ecosystem the spotlight that it deserves
  6. 6. Rewarding NFT Projects (generative and 1/1), New DeFi builders, and Fantom Devs in $FBONK
  7. 7. Based team with a vast experience within DeFi
Disclaimer: Fantom Bonk (“FBONK“) is a decentralized community project and not owned by any specific entity, individual, or corporation. FBONK serves as the native token for the project; buyers of the FBONK token(s) are holders, not investors, and FBONK does not yield 'dividends' to holders. Rather, it includes reflections wherein the share of the total supply of a given holder increases as users trade the token. FBONK is a DeFi & NFT product, not a Security or Commodity and hence not subject to the ambit/regulations of the SEC nor any other Securities agency. By transacting with the FBONK token, you expressly agree that you are not a resident of any territory which prohibits the use of products like FBONK. Users are requested to consult with their respective jurisdictions before transacting with the token and expressly agree to abide by the reflection terms stated therein. The FBONK logo is subjected to a copy right and owned by the Fantom Bonk Project. Copyright © 2023 FBONK. All rights reserved.